It’s really happening…

For the last fifteen+ years, YWAM Turner Valley has been praying for Titus Project to be part of our ministry. For the last four years, Michael and I have been talking, praying, and planning to launch Titus Project at our campus. Today, the first three participants of our first ever Titus Project, arrived! It’s really happening.


Our theme is “Let there be light,” and that theme will become a reality as in three weeks, Michael and I take our three participants to Thailand, to teach God’s Word. One of our staff will also travel to Honduras to teach and scout out opportunities for future Titus teams to go on outreach to that nation.

Please be in prayer for us as we train our participants in teaching and preaching over the next three weeks. Pray for Michael and I as leaders as we pioneer and lead our first Titus Project. Pray that the light of Christ will be made known in the nations, as we have the privilege of teaching Scripture in Thailand and beyond. Thank You Lord for bringing us to this point, and we thank You in advance for going behind and before us!