Here we go again…

It’s only been about three and a half months since our last outreach, but Michael and I are already looking ahead to not one, but TWO outreachees within the next nine months!

While we are not going on the DTS outreach (our awesome staff team will be leading the trip), we are heading to SE Asia in October through November. This outreach will be a combination of a lot of different ministry opportunities. First, Michael and I will teach on an SBS in SE Asia, in a country we’ve never visited before (talk to us about the specific location). I’ll teach Hosea, and Michael will teach the book of Micah. Afterwards, we’ll head to Thailand where we’ll meet our DTS team, for a “pastoral visit.” A pastoral visit is an opportunity to connect with the DTS staff and students, check-in with how they’re doing as a group, encourage them, and give the outreach leaders some well-deserved time off as we step in and lead the team for a short time. After the pastoral visit, I (Helen) will join the rest of the Leadership Team for an outreach that will focus around building relationships and discovering outreach opportunities amongst our target people group, the Shan. Michael and I also hope to squeeze in a few days of holidays during this outreach, as the turnaround from leading Titus Project to leading DTS has meant we’ve had little-to-no time off this year.

Then, in February 2018, we’ll be back in Asia, leading a Titus Project team in teaching God’s Word in the nations! Titus Project 2018 already has three participants accepted for the program, and we’re pumped that God would allow us to go back to SE Asia, and build on relationships with different groups that we were able to teach earlier this year.

As we look ahead to TWO outreaches in the next nine months, we’d so appreciate your prayers. Prayers for our DTS team as they go to the nations, and prayers for us as we manage all the preparation needed for both outreaches. You can also be praying for finances, not only for us, but for our DTS staff team. All three of them need to raise support for their outreach, and it is quickly approaching (they leave at the end of September).

Michael and I still need a bit less than $4000 for our Fall outreach. We’re saving towards Titus Project outreach, but we project we will need $3600 for this outreach, on top of what we’re saving each month. We’re excited to see how God provides – He seems to do it differently every time! If you’d like to be involved in sending us out this Fall and/or Winter, we’d be so grateful – please contact us for more details on how you can do this in a way that may be tax-deductible.

Thank you for your prayers and support. What a privilege it is to serve the Lord in the nations!

Our Mountain Venture Crew!

How amazingly blessed are we, to be able to spend the whole summer with this crew?! L to R back row: Jaclyn, Cody, Joel, Nathan, Michael, Nathan, Lidiia, Daniel. L to R front row: Emily, Mackenzie, Carrie Lee, Steph, Julia, Helen.

Mountain Venture DTS 2017 – A New Adventure

A long, long time ago, all the way back in February, we announced that in the summer of 2017, Michael and I would be leading YWAM Turner Valley’s Mountain Venture DTS. Now we’re two weeks into our Discipleship Training School, and we cannot get over how blessed we are to be working with the staff we have, the students who have come, and the incredible weather we’ve been enjoying!

We look forward to sharing a group photo of the whole team, but for now, here’s a few snapshots from our first two weeks of DTS!

Our staff team on a hike during staff training (L to R: Helen, Michael, Jaclyn, Steph, Daniel).

Michael getting our students pumped about YWAM’s values 🙂

For our first “mountain venture” we went white water rafting at Horseshoe Canyon with Chinook Rafting.

We also went cliff jumping!

We spent our second week camping and hiking at Blue Rock in Kananasis, and learning on the topic of Hearing God’s Voice.

Thank you for praying for us in this new adventure. We are so enjoying this season and can hardly believe our “luck” that God would allow us to spend the summer discipling, leading, and ministering to our amazing students, working with a dream-team staff, and adventuring in His creation!