Six Weeks of Adventure

In the last six weeks we’ve…

hiked through meadows and mountain passes,

conquered five days of back-country backpacking,

had our hearts grown for Missions and the Unreached,

learned in classrooms and by the river’s side,

made snacks, snacks, and more snacks,

Celebrated the baptism of three of our DTS students this morning! #ywamtv #dts #baptism ##ywam #ywamturnervalley

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and we baptized three of our DTS students.

In just over a week, we’ll be taking this amazing team to the airport for outreach! I (Helen) am excited for them, but will miss them terribly.

Good thing I get to visit them on-location at the end of October 🙂




Pray for our DTS staff team!

Thank you so much for all your prayers for wisdom and finances. It has been a huge blessing, and we have felt so supported over the last week.

We’re excited to announce we have all our finances for outreach, and have made some decisions about the structure of the outreach. We feel peace about these decisions and are looking forward to what God has for both of us as we serve Him.

Now we ask you to pray for our DTS staff team as they raise funds for their outreach. The deadline is September 15 (this Friday), and between the three of them, they need $4000 above and beyond what they’ve already raised. Daniel, Jaclyn, and Stephanie will be leading the DTS students on this outreach, and we’re excited for what all the Lord has in store for them in SE Asia. Read about their needs, and their heart for outreach, below.

One of the best parts of leading DTS this summer has been working with these three amazing individuals who have served so tirelessly and with such excellence!

Pray for us?

DTS is rolling along. Our staff and student team will head out on outreach in three weeks. A couple of weeks later, in early October, Michael and I will begin our own outreach.

As we look ahead to this upcoming outreach, we have some decisions to make. This outreach is a three-part outreach – the first part will be teaching on an SBS in SE Asia. The second leg will be connecting with the DTS outreach team for a pastoral visit (in a different country in SE Asia). The third part will be a Leadership Team outreach – a scouting outreach for new opportunities amongst our campus’s target people group. I (Helen) will be participating in all three legs of this outreach, but the big decision we have to make is with regards to Michael’s involvement. Michael has committed to teaching on the first part of this outreach, but the second part of this trip (the pastoral visit) is optional for him. There are advantages to him being a part of the pastoral visit, and there are advantages to him coming back to Canada early.  Would you pray for us for wisdom?

Regardless of what we decide, we need to see some financial miracles happen in order to start booking plane tickets and to begin the immunization process (both of which should really happen this week). If Michael accompanies me on the first two parts of the outreach, we need to see approximately $3110 come in as soon as possible. If Michael returns back to Canada after the first part of the outreach, we will still need to raise funds, but only about $2025. Would you pray for us for financial miracles? If you’re interested in giving, please contact us – your donation may be tax-deductible.

Please pray for us as we continue to wait and trust in the Lord!

6 Weeks In!

These last six weeks have flown by, and it’s hard to believe we’re already half way through the lecture phase of our Mountain Venture DTS! We’ve had a great six weeks, with some amazing guest speakers, thrilling mountain ventures, and the goodness of God as He’s ministered to our students and grown us closer together as a group. We couldn’t be more blessed by this phenomenal school we’ve had the pleasure of spending our summer with!

Our outdoor classroom during camping week, at Blue Rock.

The women of Mountain Venture DTS conquered Pickle Jar Lakes in Week 4!

So fantastic to have Josh Carothers with us in Week 5, speaking on Sin, Repentance, and the Cross. (Josh is a good friend from our time at YWAM Montana, and leads Titus Project there).

Learning rock climbing skills in Week 5.

Looking into British Columbia from beautiful Maud Lake (a lake near Turbine Canyon, the destination of our five-day backpacking trip!)

 What a blur it’s all been! We’ve learned so much, both in the classroom and outside of it. Leading DTS is an epic adventure and such a privilege.

Watch out, SE Asia – an amazing group of world changers is coming your way in less than six weeks!



What’s the Big Idea…About Forgiveness?

Two weeks ago, I (Helen) had the opportunity to preach on the topic of forgiveness/freedom from sin. Our church, Okotoks Alliance, is examining the different parts of the Christian Missionary Alliance church’s statement of faith in our summer sermon series, and the portion I covered is:

“Salvation has been provided only through Jesus Christ. Those who repent and believe in Him are united with Christ through the Holy Spirit and are thereby regenerated (born again), justified, sanctified and granted the gift of eternal life as adopted children of God.”

It was a lot to cover in 40 minutes! What a blessing and a challenge.

Here we go again…

It’s only been about three and a half months since our last outreach, but Michael and I are already looking ahead to not one, but TWO outreachees within the next nine months!

While we are not going on the DTS outreach (our awesome staff team will be leading the trip), we are heading to SE Asia in October through November. This outreach will be a combination of a lot of different ministry opportunities. First, Michael and I will teach on an SBS in SE Asia, in a country we’ve never visited before (talk to us about the specific location). I’ll teach Hosea, and Michael will teach the book of Micah. Afterwards, we’ll head to Thailand where we’ll meet our DTS team, for a “pastoral visit.” A pastoral visit is an opportunity to connect with the DTS staff and students, check-in with how they’re doing as a group, encourage them, and give the outreach leaders some well-deserved time off as we step in and lead the team for a short time. After the pastoral visit, I (Helen) will join the rest of the Leadership Team for an outreach that will focus around building relationships and discovering outreach opportunities amongst our target people group, the Shan. Michael and I also hope to squeeze in a few days of holidays during this outreach, as the turnaround from leading Titus Project to leading DTS has meant we’ve had little-to-no time off this year.

Then, in February 2018, we’ll be back in Asia, leading a Titus Project team in teaching God’s Word in the nations! Titus Project 2018 already has three participants accepted for the program, and we’re pumped that God would allow us to go back to SE Asia, and build on relationships with different groups that we were able to teach earlier this year.

As we look ahead to TWO outreaches in the next nine months, we’d so appreciate your prayers. Prayers for our DTS team as they go to the nations, and prayers for us as we manage all the preparation needed for both outreaches. You can also be praying for finances, not only for us, but for our DTS staff team. All three of them need to raise support for their outreach, and it is quickly approaching (they leave at the end of September).

Michael and I still need a bit less than $4000 for our Fall outreach. We’re saving towards Titus Project outreach, but we project we will need $3600 for this outreach, on top of what we’re saving each month. We’re excited to see how God provides – He seems to do it differently every time! If you’d like to be involved in sending us out this Fall and/or Winter, we’d be so grateful – please contact us for more details on how you can do this in a way that may be tax-deductible.

Thank you for your prayers and support. What a privilege it is to serve the Lord in the nations!

Our Mountain Venture Crew!

How amazingly blessed are we, to be able to spend the whole summer with this crew?! L to R back row: Jaclyn, Cody, Joel, Nathan, Michael, Nathan, Lidiia, Daniel. L to R front row: Emily, Mackenzie, Carrie Lee, Steph, Julia, Helen.