Thailand and Myanmar, in Photos

Doi Tung Royal Villa (Thailand).

I told them, “Look excited about teaching Bible Overview!”

Wearing our traditional clothing for teaching.

In Thailand, looking into Myanmar. (Photo cred: Maggie).

Breakfast in Myanmar. (Photo cred: Kellie).

Evan teaching Bible Overview.

When you have your birthday in SE Asia, you eat cake made in a rice cooker. (Photo cred: Evan).

(Photo cred: Evan/Kellie).

(Photo cred: Evan).

Kellie teaching in Thailand.

Nora teaching in Thailand.

Great Wall of China, on the way home. (Photo cred: Evan/Kellie).

There are so many more photos we’d love to share and so many people we’d love to introduce you to in those photos, but to be sensitive to those who live and minister in the places we visited, we’ve chosen these photos because they feature our team members only.

What a wonderful trip, what a privilege to teach and minister to and alongside so many lovely people. Looking forward to next time.


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