On the first day of Titus Project staff training at YWAM Turner Valley, our six Titus Project staff spent time in prayer for the start of our new program. We shared the words we felt that God gave us, the pictures that were coming to mind, and Bible verses that were impressed upon our hearts for the start of our very first Titus Project. It was in this prayer time (or another prayer time – the memory is a little fuzzy as I type in the blistering heat of northern Thailand, about 12 weeks later!), that one of our staff had a picture of what can most simply be described as “multiplication.” The idea (if I remember correctly), was that though our first Titus Project was small in numbers (only three participants), those three participants would have a big impact in the nations we would travel to.

Several weeks later, with only one week left of outreach, I can say that this picture was completely accurate. The majority of our time in Thailand and Myanmar, was spent training and equipping others to be Bible teachers. In Canada, we had three weeks of training time for our Titus participants; only a week after this training time, those participants taught the very same topics they had only just heard themselves, to a group of SBS (Bible school) graduates on the other side of the world – a group of SBS graduates who can go places we cannot go, to people we cannot reach, teaching in languages we cannot speak. We helped to train these teachers, and then had the pleasure of teaching alongside them for two weeks, in their home churches and home country. We had the amazing opportunity to watch them come to life as they taught sections of Bible Overview with us, to see them received as teachers, and to watch them grow and flourish.

In staff training 12+ weeks ago, we started as six teachers. After the Titus Project training time at YWAM Turner Valley, we grew to be a group of nine teachers. Now we’re a group of eleven teachers, half of us from North America, half of us in Southeast Asia. Though we’ve said “goodbye” to the teachers we’ve helped to train up while on outreach, we’re thankful for how God has multiplied teachers going out to the nations, and pray that He continues this multiplication as we all continue on in teaching the Word, in the places He has called us!


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