Psalms & A Special Guest

Last week, I (Helen) had the great pleasure of teaching our SBS students about Psalms. I really enjoyed this lecture because it was all about equipping the students to study the Psalms for themselves. The focus of my lecture was to help the students understand the Psalms as literature, and to get them excited about what God wants to do in their lives through this portion of Scripture. I also really enjoyed the lecture because it was an opportunity to be creative, and engage the students in learning.

Probably my favourite part of the lecture, was the first hour, in which I invited Karla Adolphe, of Enter the Worship Circle, to share with us her heart for the Psalms. Enter the Worship Circle has written many of their songs from the Psalms, so it seemed like a natural fit that Karla should be part of my lecture. I interviewed her about what the Psalms have taught her about God’s character and about prayer, and I asked her how the Psalms have influenced her personal life as will as her ministry as a singer/song-writer/worshiper, and then she played for us! It was pretty special to have Karla in class with us, and her thoughtful reflections on the Psalms, both in spoken form and in song, were both encouraging and challenging for me, and hopefully, the students! (Thanks for being with us, Karla!)

While video was taken of Karla’s interview and performance during my Psalms lecture, it hasn’t been edited yet, so in the meantime, I leave you with one of the exercises Karla had us do as a class: read Psalm 84, then listen to Karla’s song, “Safe Place,” from Chair and the Microphone Vol. 3. See if you can identify the themes Karla picks up on in the song.


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