Enter the Worship Circle: My Unfinished Story


Photography by Joanne Loewen.

Michael and I have had the pleasure of knowing Karla Adolphe, and calling her and her family our friends, for almost two years now. It’s been a privilege to see bits and pieces of her journey as an artist and as an all-around lovely human being over these past two years.

Before meeting Karla, Michael and I knew of her because of her involvement with Enter the Worship Circle. We listened to Enter the Worship Circle’s albums as we drove to work in our pre-YWAM days. And now we know Karla. That’s kind of weird, but awesome. We met her while she was pursuing a solo career, and we’ve loved the music she’s written as a solo artist. We’ve blogged about it. We’ve even had the privilege of hearing some of her songs when they’ve been in the development process.

But now, Karla is setting out on a new journey, best described as an “unfinished story.” She and Ben Pasley (Ben was part of spear-heading Enter the Worship Circle in 1998) are sensing that God is calling them to engage in a new expression of Enter the Worship Circle. They’ve sensed that their work in expressing the heart of the Psalmist, is not finished, and that God is calling them into a redemptive story:

There’s way more to the story, and you can learn more about Enter the Worship Circle and #MyUnfinishedStory by:

We can’t wait for the music…and to see how God writes the story of Enter the Worship Circle in the seasons to come.


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