January Update: The Adventure Begins!

We hope your holidays was a wonderful time of celebrating His birth, reflecting on the year that has passed, and anticipating the year that is to come. As Anne Shirley says, “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” Hopefully the first days of your new year have been a breath of fresh air, with grace for mistakes and joy in the todays and tomorrows.

Michael and I have so enjoyed our time in Ontario, and are certainly anticipating all that is ahead in 2016! Today we’re flying out of Toronto, and will land in Kyiv, Ukraine, tomorrow. From there, we’ll continue our journey east, until we find our way back to Alberta in May. We’re thrilled to report that all our finances are in place! We cannot tell you how encouraged we are. Watching the Canadian dollar fall has been challenging (we’ll be traveling with American dollars) but we have been provided for above and beyond what we anticipate we’ll need for this adventure. We are thankful to the One who provides, and to those whom He has provided through.

Over the next months, we would be so thankful if you would be keeping us in your thoughts, especially with regards to safety, health, and for the people we will meet. We’ll send updates as we can, though our internet access may be limited for several weeks. Our blog posts will likely be few and far between, especially in March. Thank you for understanding, and for your care! We are thankful for you, and for the knowledge that we have a community of friends and family sending us on this journey!


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