Miracle Week

In the last seven days, Michael and I have received over $3000 towards our time with Titus this coming Winter/Spring. It’s been a miraculous week! It started with a cheque from friends, continued with $1000 in our mailbox at YWAM Turner Valley, and ended with our church taking up an offering for us on Sunday. To date, we have nearly $13,000 of the $14,700 we need! Yay God!

In addition to the finances given, after asking for prayer at church for healing from my food intolerances (which would be a major inconvenience while on outreach), I was approached by others with the same struggles. I received encouragement and advice, and am being given enzymes and probiotics by a woman who felt God prompting her to gift the things that have helped her, to me. It had never occurred to me to pray for such things, and they’re certainly not included in our outreach budget. What an example of God providing even that which we do not know to pray for!

On top of all of this, as we visited Edmonton a couple of weekends ago, we received gifts specifically for our travels – Euros for our time in Germany, an amazon.ca giftcard to load up our Kindles for long journeys, and mini colouring books for those times we’ll spend in airports around the world.

Thank You, Lord, for a miraculous week! To Him be the glory! And thank you to all who so generously gave. We are blessed to be sent out by such a community of friends, family, and fellow-believers.


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