Waiting and Trusting in the Space Between.

"Waiting time !" by Craig Sunter on Flickr.com.

“Waiting time !” by Craig Sunter on Flickr.com.

Waiting and trusting feels counter-intuitive. We love to have a plan, to have all our ducks in a row, to know what’s coming and when. This is probably partially part of our Western mentality, but to top it off, Michael and I definitely lean towards thinking ahead, rather than “going with the flow.” Waiting and trusting isn’t always easy for us.

Though it might not be our preference to wait and trust and let go, it’s pretty Biblical. Over and over again throughout the Bible, we see examples of God’s people waiting and trusting (with varying degrees of doing this well!). Think of the Israelites in the wilderness. As they left Egypt, they trusted God would provide for them. They waited for direction in the form of a cloud leading them by day, and fire leading by night. They waited for food as they trusted that the manna that came today, would come tomorrow too. They trusted God would protect them and lead them to the Promised Land.

Another (seasonally appropriate!) example of waiting and trusting for the next step is found in the nativity – the birth of Jesus. Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wisemen – all of them trusting the Lord as they engaged the coming of Messiah. Mary trusted the Lord for the necessary wisdom to raise God-with-skin-on. The shepherds trusted that this newborn among livestock, was more than just the child of young impoverished parents, far from home. The birth of Jesus was the culmination of centuries of waiting and trusting that God’s promises would be fulfilled.

When Michael and I jumped back into YWAM a little over four years ago, we felt it was important to commit to never putting anything on a credit card that we couldn’t pay for. This is a bit of a delicate balancing act of waiting and trusting. When we have the finances for a flight, but not necessarily the finances for ground fees in the country we’re flying to, we book the flight and trust God will take care of the next step. In these last months, so often we feel that God is providing for us one step at a time. We currently have all of our flights (including our flights to Central Asia from Ukraine), as well as our ground fees for Kyiv, and even enough for our ground fees for Taiwan. So while we are debt-free in the sense that our flights are paid for, we are trusting God for the next step of having the finances for shelter, food, translators, transportation, etc., in Central Asia. We have what we need for now, but we wait on Him for what we need next.

Trusting God for the next step is also a reality as we simply plan our outreach. Our contacts in the first nation we’re heading to are expecting us and are preparing for us to come, but we have less information about the second nation we’re going to, and continue to wait for contacts to get in touch with us. We’re told this is normal for the countries we’re going to, but again, it puts us in a place of trusting God for the next step.

How is God calling you to trust in Him today? What are you waiting for as you look to Him in your next steps? While waiting and trusting may feel uncomfortable, we can trust our God in the space between His promise and calling, and the fulfillment of that promise/calling.


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