Praise & Prayers

Last week we sent out an e-newsletter which included information about our upcoming fundraiser with Láska Handcrafted Jewelry (November 14th-20th) as well as praise reports and prayer requests. As we’re little more than two months away from leaving for Ukraine, here is what we’re praising God for, and praying for, lately:

We’re thankful for:
1) Our Titus team! We have two participants traveling with us, making us a team of four – ideal for the nations we’ll be heading to (we can all fit into one taxi!). One of our participants is Canadian, and the other…wait for it…speaks Russian! Major answer to prayer.
2) Tickets booked! We’ve booked our flights from Calgary to Toronto, to Kyiv, to Taiwan (with a short stop in Germany on the way), and back to Calgary again. We have yet to book our flights to our outreach nations.
3) Over $9400 towards Titus Project! That means we only need another $5300 to meet our goal, most of which is needed to cover our ground fees while in Central Asia. We are so encouraged.

We’re praying for:
1) Visas for outreach countries. Michael’s had some complications renewing his passport, which puts us back in being able to pursue visas.
2) Connections with contacts. We’d love to hear back from more of our contacts, so we can begin to get to know what teachings are wanted/needed in the nations we’ll be going to.
3) Leadership and unity. We want to be leaders following the Lord, and a teaching team that is marked by the unity only He can inspire!

Would you pray for us?


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