Recipe of the Week (A Couple of Weeks Ago, to be Honest): Cranberry White Chocolate Scones

Is it a bit early to be breaking out the cranberry/white chocolate combination? Probably, but I couldn’t resist. It snowed in the last week of August (though it’s absolutely beautiful now!), and since then, I’ve had Christmas on the brain. I think I’m making up for last year when Michael and I were in Mexico for the Fall, and I missed out on all the lead-up to the holidays. Thus, I made cranberry white chocolate scones at the beginning of October.

You might be thinking, “Those don’t look like cranberry white chocolate scones.” And you’d be right. The original recipe by Pinch of Yum is for blueberry scones, and I have made them with blueberries a couple of times – they were delish (or so I am told). But this time I mixed it up and went with cranberries and white chocolate, and I suspect you could try out other combinations too. What about dark chocolate and candied ginger? Or with pieces of mandarin segments and chocolate (do mandarin segments bake well?)? Or you could go the autumnal route and try apple with cheddar chunks.

Whatever combo you try, this scone recipe is a great starting point for a delicious Saturday brekky before doing some early Christmas shopping. Or raking leaves, I guess.


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