The Legend of the Chessboard

Last week, we had a Skype meeting with the other staff of Titus Project Kyiv. As a school, we have accepted four participants, and we prayed about which participants would be on which teams (there are two teams, one of which Michael and I are leading). Titus teams are traditionally small, because each participant teaches a minimum of six hours per week. Team leaders attend the teachings of participants, to evaluate their work and to suggest ways of growing in teaching ability. Small teams also allow for easier, more discrete travel.

During our Skype staff meeting, our school leader, Angela, reminded us that though our teams are small, the impact we can have is great. She illustrated this by showing us the following video, the “Legend of the Chessboard:”

As our team teaches others how to study the Bible, we can have a great multiplication effect. If every person we teach teaches only two other people how to study the Word, we will see people pouring out of nations with a heart for Bible study, and covering the earth with the ability to understand Scripture. Sounds like “immeasurable impact” to me!


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