The Least of My Worries

The following is a list of things I’m worried about:

  1. Getting visas for our time in Central Asia.
  2. How we are going to pack for the below zero degrees C environments we’ll be in for the first part of our trip, and the 30 degrees C environment we’ll be in for the last leg of our trip, all under 20 kg each.
  3. Getting ready to co-teach the entire Bible overview, with only 4 hours of lecture time, including translation.
  4. Communicating with contacts who don’t speak English. Or maybe I should say my lack of knowledge of Russian?
  5. Being in a place of mental and spiritual health, so as to be the best team co-leader possible.

Of the things that keep me (Helen) up at night, that just about starts to cover it. I go to sleep wondering about the accuracy of Google Translate, the hoops we have to jump through for paperwork, and how in the world I’m going to handle two 11+ hour flights within the space of twelve days (I don’t really sleep on airplanes). The above list doesn’t include my worries about what I’m going to eat in nations where red meat and bread are primary food sources, how I’m going to stretch YWAM Turner Valley’s kitchen budget without making people scarred by the sight of a lentil, or how to produce a quality, helpful Colossians teaching for the end of November.

But I’m not worried about money.

Michael and I need another $6000 for our time in Ukraine, Central Asia, and Taiwan. Add to that our car registration renewal, that Michael’s computer needs a new battery, and the approaching Christmas season, and you’d think I would be concerned. But I’m not.

I don’t chalk this up to great faith. I attribute this lack of worry to evidence: miracle after miracle of God’s provision. Whether it’s been outreaches to Thailand, Nepal, or Mexico, or whether it’s been the increase in our monthly support, God has proven He is our Provider. It’s the little (and not so little!) extras, too. Well-timed random gift cards that have made it possible for us to go out for dinner when we really needed a date. The finances to set money aside so we could pay for concert posters for our Night of Music & Missions earlier this month. A house-sitting gig that makes it possible for us to save rent money, so we can have a few days in Germany to visit friends and have a rest between finishing our time with Titus Project Kyiv, and going on to Taiwan.

I may have a laundry list of worries, but finances isn’t one of them. I have ample evidence to believe that God will supply every need. Lord, help me let go of every worry, and give them all to You.


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