New Music: “Pen Pals – Gold” by Heath McNease & Jetty Rae

Michael and I are big fans of Heath McNease’s music (Michael has blogged about his album, The Weight of Glory, which was based on the writings of C.S. Lewis), so we were both super excited to find out he was releasing a new album with singer/songwriter Jetty Rae. The album, Gold, came out on NoiseTrade this past week, and it is a treasure! Love those harmonies. Fun fact: Jetty Rae is a former YWAMer! She was with YWAM Kona (where I did my DTS, and where Michael and I first met), for a few years!

NoiseTrade’s description states:

“‘Gold’ is a simple story about the rise and fall of summer love. From its bright, airy opening number, “Camp” to its final moment of acceptance in “July”…the project chronicles the slow acceptance that some beautiful things weren’t meant to last. Its not always in the written word. Sometimes just the atmosphere of the song itself creates the backdrop for those feelings to make themselves real.”

“Camp” is such a fun, sweet song; here’s the music video:

You can download Gold for free at We guarantee it will make your weekend 1000% better!*

*We can’t actually guarantee that.


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