Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Hobnob Cookies

Truth be told, I wanted to post about the no-knead garlic tear and share bread I made for lunch yesterday, but because I’m not too sure about posting photos from the kitchn, I decided to share this equally wonderful recipe for cookies instead. These chocolate hobnob cookies are actually by the same blogger behind the garlic bread, but the biscuits were posted on her (Izy Hossack’s) own site, Top With Cinnamon.


DIY Chocolate Hobnob Biscuits / Cookies, photo by Izy Hossack of Top With Cinnamon.

Don’t they look amazing? I’m not much of a food photographer, so why even bother when such beautiful photos are already available? Izy has her own cookbook (at age nineteen, no less), which I am definitely coveting. Many of her blog’s recipes are gluten-free, and I believe her cookbook has more than a few allergy-friendly recipes as well.

This was kind of my second time making these cookies. The first time I attempted to make them gluten-free, by replacing the flour with half buckwheat flour, half tapioca starch (Izy’s suggestion). While they were delicious, they were more of a florentine style cookie than what is pictured above – they definitely spread without all the lovely gluten to hold them together. I made the recipe as originally written for a coffee break earlier this week, and 63 of the 71 cookies were devoured, by fewer than 20 people. (It would have been 72, but I dropped one on the floor).

In case you’re wondering, hobnobs are a traditional type of British oat biscuit, which are perfect for dunking in tea or coffee. If you have any ideas about how to make these gluten free without the florentine effect, I’d love to hear them! I am quite committed to making and testing as many batches of these as necessary to get them to that perfect gluten-free cookie state (if there is such a thing!). Enjoy!


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