Recipe of the Week: Plum Torte

Lately, the recipe-of-the-week collection has been a bit heavy on the baking, but is there such thing as too much baking? I guess there might be when you have to eat all that you bake, but fortunately, I have a team of eager baking-eaters at my disposal. This week my team was given the task of consuming three plum tortes, recipe from the brilliant blog, Smitten Kitchen.

Purple plum torte, by Smitten Kitchen. Check out Smitten Kitchen's post for the complete recipe.

Purple plum torte, by Smitten Kitchen. Check out Smitten Kitchen’s post for the complete recipe.

While it is plum season in our part of the world, the plums I used in my tortes were from the freezer, and of a different variety than what’s pictured, but they were delicious none-the-less. The only things I did differently from the recipe were to add an additional 10 minutes to the bake time, and to use 1-1/2 tsp of cinnamon on the top of each cake, rather than the 1 tsp recommended. I let the cakes sit overnight, which is apparently the secret to increasing scrumptiousness.

In other baking news, if you love to bake, like to eat baking, or generally have a pulse, you should know that the sixth season of the Great British Bake Off is underway, and the episodes are available on YouTube! This fantastic show is a baking competition, but it’s exponentially nicer to watch than MasterChef. There’s no swearing or screaming or backstabbing or dramatic cuts to commercials; the contestants are just lovely and kind to one another, and produce some phenomenal (and not so phenomenal) bakes. The first episode is, appropriately, on cake:

Brilliant idea: make yourself a plum torte, let it sit overnight, then watch this show while eating a slice and having a cuppa (that’s English for “cup of tea”)!


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