{Praise & Prayers}

As we get ever closer to leaving for Kyiv, Ukraine, taking a teaching team to Central Asia, and being trained up and commissioned for bringing the Titus Project to YWAM Turner Valley, we feel a tug on our hearts for more prayer, and more praise of what God is doing. God IS doing things and we’re excited(!), but we want to be continually seeking Him, trusting He knows what we need, but that He loves when we ask.

Praise: Last week I (Helen) was praying about our outreach to Central Asia, asking God for confirmation that this is, in fact, where we’re supposed to go. Later that day, we got an email from our program leader, sending us some newsletters from a previous trip to the same countries we will be visiting. It was a blessing to read that a team has been to this part of the world, had teaching opportunities, and has made an impact.

Pray: Pray our planning will pick up steam! It’s a challenge to be in the head space of getting ready to lead a team when Michael and I are the only Critical Services staff at YWAM TV right now, meaning we have A LOT on our plates.

Praise: Last week we heard back from a contact in Central Asia!

Pray: Pray we would be able to build relationships with contacts and with those we will encounter, and that those relationships would begin even before we fly out of Canada. Pray there will be teaching opportunities, and that God will be preparing the hearts of teachers and students.

Praise: To date, we have $2632.54 towards Titus, and our monthly support has increased a few times in 2015, making it possible for us to save some of our monthly support towards outreach!

Pray: We need approximately $7000 for our flights, not including our ground fees and any additional traveling costs (the $7000 includes flying to Kyiv, flying to Central Asia, and flying to Taiwan). We don’t yet know what to expect for our ground fees while in Central Asia, but our staff fees in the Ukraine (which will include accommodation, food, etc.), will be slightly higher than our staff fees here in Turner Valley. In addition, we’ll be in Taiwan for at least a week, and we don’t know what to expect for the ground fees of that trip. Pray for miraculous provision!

Praise: Karla Adolphe has agreed to help us with a fundraising concert in October! She’s a talented artist and a lovely friend, and we’re thrilled she has agreed to be part of our fundraiser.

Pray: Pray we would have the right heart motivation about this fundraiser; we want to trust God for what we need, not our own devices. In the past we have felt God has said “no” to fundraisers for us, but this time He is giving us the go ahead, and we want every part of this concert to be a blessing to others, and for God to use it as He wills.

Praise: Participant applications are starting to come in for Titus Kyiv!

Pray: We would LOVE to have a Russian speaker on our team. It would make life on outreach abundantly easier. Pray the right people would be applying for Titus, and that God will be moving in the hearts of those who have completed SBS, giving them a desire to give away the incredible gift they have received.

Thank you for praising God with us and praying for us!


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