Immeasurable Impact

In case you missed our newsletter, you should know that in January of 2016, Michael and I are headed to YWAM Kyiv (Ukraine) to staff the Titus Project there. We’ll be in Kiev for between four and five weeks getting ready for the program, then training participants to teach the Bible, Bible overview, and inductive Bible study, as well as how to preach. After, we will take a small team on outreach for eight weeks in Central Asia. We’ll then return to Kiev for debriefing and to graduate our participants. Michael and I then plan on heading to Taiwan to meet with the founder of Titus. We hope to learn more of the heart of Titus through our time in Taiwan, and to be commissioned for the task of bringing the Titus Project to YWAM Turner Valley!

Titus staff typically pray together as a group to hear what God is saying the “theme” of each program should be, but this year, the theme of Titus Project in Kiev has already been established, and is captured here:

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.55.41 AM

While at a YWAM conference, God spoke to our program leader, Angela, through her friend’s computer’s desktop picture: a photograph of a dandelion being blown in the wind, seeds spreading everywhere. When the wind spreads the seeds of a dandelion, there’s no knowing where those seeds will end up. Angela felt God was saying, “Titus Project is like that.” Through training and equipping teachers, and through taking those teachers into the nations, God spreads seeds of His Truth throughout the world. There’s no knowing what impact that will make, as people share how to study God’s Word and His incredible plan of redemption. There’s no knowing what lives will be changed as a result of one teaching. As dandelion seeds spread and as new dandelions sprout up, which spread their seeds in the wind, there’s no knowing the multiplication that can come from one teaching empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Michael and I are excited to be a small part of the immeasurable impact Titus can have in the world. Would you pray for us? Right now we’re in the preliminary stages of planning outreach, which is full of challenges! We’re also in the very early steps of planning a concert fundraiser that will take place in October. We are uncertain about the costs for our time in Ukraine/Central Asia/Taiwan, but we know it’s going to be more than any trip we have done previously. Most of all, we’d ask you’d pray for our individual relationships with God in this time. We want to lead from a place of knowing we are hearing from God every step of the way, and from the foundation of a deep relationship with the Lord. We so value your prayers, and would love to hear from you if you feel God speaking to you as you intercede for us.



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