Music of Past & Present

I (Michael) had a pretty surreal experience recently. I was sitting in a concert we were hosting on our campus, when I closed my eyes and realized I was present in the music that had shaped my study of God’s word seven years earlier.

If you get to know me even a little, you will quickly see, or should I say, hear, that music is very important to me. When I was a student in the School of Biblical Studies seven years ago, I would almost always have music on as I studied. A collective called Enter the Worship Circle was a big part of my musical library, and recently, two members of that collective put on a night of worship for us here at YWAM Turner Valley.

Aaron Strumpel and Karla Adolphe both recorded albums as part of the Chair and Microphone series with ETWC during my SBS, and in the years after I completed the program, Helen and I would often listen to their albums as we drove home from work. Through a series of events making a story much too long for this post, Karla and her lovely family have become people I feel comfortable calling “friends,” and when Aaron came to Alberta to help Karla with her new album, I was more than happy to open our campus to them both. As I sat in the back of their concert, running the sound board as they played a song from an ETWC album, a familiar peace came over me, so reminiscent of years before. I am so extremely grateful for Aaron and Karla’s willingness to share their gifts with us on our tiny little campus.

Aaron has a new album out called Bright Star, and the track constantly running through my head from that album is “Mightier.”

Purchase Bright Star:

Karla is working on a new album – she has spent a couple mornings writing from our campus – and I cannot wait for it to be released next Spring. For those who have not listened to Karla’s work, I would strongly recommend her last album, Honeycomb Tombs.

Purchase Honeycomb Tombs:


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