Recipe of the Week: Pork Adobo

I was pretty nervous about making the Filipino dish, pork adobo for supper last night. There’s a lot of vinegar in the recipe, and I wasn’t sure how it would go over. It doesn’t help that I don’t eat pork, so I actually wasn’t able to sample the meal. Fortunately, we have a Filipino friend, Jenn, and she tasted the dish before I served it, and assured me I was on the right track. It seems like everyone else agreed, because every dish was scraped clean, and we had absolutely no leftovers from this meal (that may have disappointed Jenn a little bit)!

Pork adobo. Picture titled "jojo's adobo," by chotda at

Pork adobo. Picture titled “jojo’s adobo,” by chotda at

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, even though the directions to fully cook the pork in the marinade before browning it seemed unusual to me. I was assured by Jenn that this is the traditional way of doing it. I served the pork adobo with rice and with easy bok choy, a recipe from I don’t know if bok choy is typically what is served with pork adobo, but it was devoured as well!

Try making traditional pork adobo (recipe from for supper this weekend! It might not be traditional Father’s Day fare, but perhaps your dad would like to start a new tradition that doesn’t involve the barbecue!


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