This is What I’m Making Right Now…

The sun is shining, the temperature is supposed to be in the 30 degree zone in a couple days (Celsius, that is!), we’re having a hot dog roast for supper, and we’re celebrating a four year old’s birthday today. So this is happening right now:

They’re in the freezer. Good thing I can’t eat gluten or dairy, as there’s a high likelihood I’d be standing in the freezer demolishing them if that weren’t the case. Hopefully they’ll turn out as nicely as pictured! Happy Friday!

*** UPDATE: These totally didn’t turn out as nicely as pictured…I’m guessing because a) the ice cream was suspiciously soft to begin with, and b) I didn’t freeze them for nearly long enough. When I cut them, all the ice cream squished out! Fortunately, I came up with a solution: just serve the “sandwiches” on a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Maybe not as fun, but likely way easier to eat. I’d definitely try again with much firmer ice cream, and a way longer freezing time.


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