Purnaa: Recovery Clothing for Nepal Kids

Nepal has a special place in Michael and I’s heart, and while we’ve been horrified to see pictures of the earthquake-caused destruction in that nation, we are relieved to know our friends in Nepal are safe. Some of our friends there are involved with a social enterprise called Purnaa, which we’ve posted about before. Purnaa employs Nepalis at risk of being trafficked, teaching them sewing skills, reducing poverty, and providing a caring work environment. In response to the recent disasters, Purnaa is in the process of making and distributing over 1,100 boys t-shirts and girls dresses. The clothes will be distributed in a village about four hours north of Kathmandu, where every home collapsed. Most residents there are unable to recover their belongings, as the risk of landslides is too high. Many of the villagers have been wearing the same clothes since the earthquake over a month ago.

Manufacturing these t-shirts and dresses is a “win-win” for Purnaa: it provides work for their employees, and it is a practical way to serve their neighbors. Purnaa is hoping to raise $9000 for this project, and if more is raised, they can begin sewing and donating waterproof shelter covers and mosquito nets, especially important as monsoon season approaches.

To find out more about how Purnaa is responding to the earthquakes in Nepal, watch the video below. To support Purnaa in their campaign to raise funds for meeting the needs of their neighbors, go to http://www.gofundme.com/NepalPurnaa.



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