It’s All Going to Be Okay.

It’s all going to be okay. If I (Michael) had to put words to the general condition of my heart at the moment, that is what it would say. “It’s all going to be okay.” The reality is my life is not in some danger zone. I am both mentally and physically healthy, but significant changes are happening in my life, that I imagine, in another season, would have left my heart saying something like, “oh my goodness.” Actually, if I’m honest, my heart would be saying things I can’t post on this blog because we try to keep it G-rated around here!

In a matter of weeks, I’ll be taking on a significant degree of our campus’ responsibilities, as two of our staff, serving in crucial roles at YWAM Turner Valley, are transitioning to Thailand to serve with YWAM there. Honestly, the work done by this couple is in large part what allows our campus to function. As they move on from here, I’ll be taking over accounts and management of the facility. In the lead up to the decision to take this on, I was expecting the previously mentioned negative perspective to be the experience of my heart and soul as I approached this transition, but it not, and my own fortitude is not to be credited for this calm. Instead, much prayer went and continues to go into this decision, and I can honestly say I am experiencing a peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:6-7).

The last three years of ministering here in Turner Valley with YWAM has been a lesson in God teaching me to trust Him and finding peace in the midst of situations that would have crippled me in the past. This goes along with Helen and I taking on leadership roles as we see Titus Project come to Turner Valley. I know I do not have everything it takes to be a perfect leader out of the gate, but that’s okay. It keeps me from trusting in myself or Helen to be the source of the success of this ministry plant. God is the one who I know I can trust. He continues to make it abundantly clear that this is something He is doing, and we get to join Him in His work. With Him at the helm I know I can trust that, in spite of my short comings, God will see not only the success of this ministry and the blessing of the nations, but my growth as a leader. The Bible is filled with examples of God taking people with some amount of ability, and turning that ability into something that surpasses what they could have accomplished. In all I do here, all I can offer are my five loaves and two fishes, and trust God will multiply it.


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