Recipe of the Week: Carne Asada Tacos

I (Helen) have been away most of the week, spending time with friends and family in the Edmonton area. Before I left, for Tuesday’s supper, I made carne asada tacos. I had lots of help; we spent a lot of time chopping tomatoes and other goodies for fresh pico de gallo, putting the food processor to work making garlicky guac, shredding lettuce, and warming tortillas. I love Mexican food, and after being in Tijuana for three months last Fall, it’s fun to incorporate some authentic Mexican flavors into our week.


Carne Asada Tacos, picture © of James at

The recipes for the grilled meat and pico come from Tyler Florence of Food 911, a show I’ve never seen…I found the recipe on It’s important to get started on these in the morning, marinating the beef in the mojo, for up to eight hours. I skipped out on serving the tacos with cheese, as we’re running low, but also because I didn’t see a whole lot of cheese served with tacos in the part of Mexico we were in. Do warm the tortillas…it makes a world of difference. Yum.


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