Recipe of the Week: Bibimbap

In addition to being fun to say, bibimbap is delicious, and I’m told it’s a great way of using up any veggies you have on hand. The word “bibimbap” is Korean for “mixed rice,” and the recipe I used included rice, marinated ground beef, seasoned cooked spinach, seasoned cooked bean sprouts, fried julienned carrots, fried mushrooms, egg, and sauce. While the carrot, spinach, and bean sprouts are pretty standard for bimbimbap, I think you could use just about any vegetable to mix in with your rice. The sauce, however, is pretty key here; the primary ingredients are gochujang (spicy red pepper paste) and sesame oil, and before eating, the idea is to mix all the toppings and the rice in your individual bowl with the sauce. You can buy gochujang at Asian grocery stores.


Bibimbap, picture © of Khánh Hmoong at

After making this for lunch on Friday, I got a hug from our Korean friend, so I think the recipe I used from is a winner. I would definitely make this again, but probably not on a Friday, as I am generally pretty wiped out by this point in the week. There’s a decent amount of prep work involved (if you have a food processor, now is the time to use that julienne attachment!) with chopping veggies and making various seasonings, but I imagine it would be pretty quick to cook for a small group or family, as opposed to the 20+ crowd I’m cooking for. Make sure you have the gochujang, and stock up on sesame oil, because every seasoning/sauce involved in this dish includes this ingredient. Enjoy!



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