Would You Pray?

The following is a copy of the text from our latest newsletter/update; it outlines our prayer requests and a brief summary of our time with YWAM Turner Valley since returning from Mexico in December. Would you consider praying for us this year?

Michael and I have been back in Canada for almost two months, after being in Mexico with Titus Project throughout the Fall. We had a relaxing Christmas break, and since the beginning of January have been getting back into the swing of things at YWAM Turner Valley. We’re both teaching in the School of Biblical Studies (Michael taught Genesis, I taught Leviticus), and outside of that, I am running Food Services, while Michael is contributing his talent and ingenuity to the Facilities department, as well as helping out in the kitchen. Through teaching and working in Critical Services, we’re happy to be supporting the ministry of YWAM Turner Valley in a variety of ways that keep our work weeks dynamic and rewarding as we see practical tasks completed!

In addition to contributing to the ministry here, this season is a time of a) discerning God’s next steps for us, and b) growing and preparing for leadership. Now that we’ve completed Titus Project as participants, our next step is to staff a Titus Project somewhere in the world; then we can pioneer Titus here at YWAM Turner Valley. Pioneering a school will be a big step into leadership for us; we are so thankful we are being trained and equipped prior to this, so we can be more ready for what God is calling us to.

In this vital season, we have some big prayer requests. Would you pray with us? Here are some of our prayer requests for 2015:

  1. Pray for discernment as we ask God about where He would have us staff Titus Project. There are several Titus Project programs running in different parts of the world. We want to staff somewhere where we will receive mentorship and training so we will be equipped for bringing Titus to YWAM Turner Valley.
  2. Pray for us as we grow in leadership. We have been appointed the leaders of the Ministry Team here at our campus, meaning we lead a small group of department heads in making practical decisions which affect the everyday running of our facility and ministries. We are also processing leadership questions with the Leadership Team here, working through some of the major challenges we can be expected to face in the coming years.
  3. Pray for us as we teach. We will be teaching in the SBS in the Spring, and later this month, we are teaching an Inductive Bible Study seminar at our church here in Alberta. Pray God would speak through us, and that we would be transformed as we study to teach. Pray we will be effective communicators and that God would capture people’s hearts with a love for studying His Word.
  4. Pray this will be a rich season of growing in the Lord. We feel stretched and busy and know the need to make the most of this time; pray we will lean into God in everything we do. Pray this season would be a time of deepening our love for God, and our love for those He has placed around us.
  5. Pray for YWAM Turner Valley. Our SBS students are half way through their school, and the Discipleship Training School will be starting up again this summer. Many of our staff are shifting into new roles, and our Administrator/Accounts guru and our Facilities/Vehicle care director are moving to Thailand in the Spring! This is a season of change for YWAM TV, and we need to trust God for many things in this time. He is our Provider and Sustainer.

Your prayers are valuable to us, and the Lord hears them! If you feel God is giving you a word for us or our ministry, please contact us! We would also love to pray for you; let us know what’s going on in your life, and how we can be partnering with you and praying for you in what God is walking you through.

If you’d like to receive our newsletters/updates (we send a minimum of four a year, with a few extras when we are on outreach), you can sign up here. We’d love to keep you updated on what God is doing in and through us!


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