Pray for Us as We Teach

Week 3 of outreach begins on Monday, and the pace is picking up as we get into a routine of teaching as a group. The first two weeks involved a lot of working out the kinks – teaching times randomly changing, accidentally teaching a group of Grade Ones rather than the Grade Threes that we were supposed to teach (let me tell you, there is a big difference!), and having to turn down some teaching opportunities because our schedule is just too crazy. As we begin Week 3, we’d love for you to be praying for us, so here’s a little schedule of when/what we’ll be teaching!

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 6.35.07 PMIn addition to all these teaching opportunities, Michael and I will be preparing to teach Luke the following week in Ensenada, a city that is about an hour and fifteen minutes south of where we are, on the Baja peninsula. We’ll be there for most of Week 4 of our Titus outreach, and will be team-teaching this book. Neither of us has taught it before, so it will be a challenge to prepare while we’re teaching so much throughout Week 3. We’d appreciate your prayers as we teach and as we study for future teachings!


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