Out We Go in Mexico!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to our friends and family in Canada! We hope this holiday finds you with plenty to be thankful for. Eat some turkey and pumpkin pie for us! It’s hard to believe, but Michael and I have finished three weeks of teaching training, and are ready to start two months of outreach here in Mexico. We have lots of different teaching opportunities, including teaching at orphanages, various churches, an evening discipleship program for believers in the community, and a Christian school. It looks like we’ll be teaching a lot of Bible overview to start, taking groups through God’s plan for redemption, as described from Genesis to Revelation. Once our students have a grasp of the big picture of the Bible, we’ll be teaching them to study the Bible for themselves, using the inductive method of Bible study. This will equip them to know God’s Word and study it long after we’ve left Mexico!

The last three weeks have been challenging and growing, both in the classroom and outside of it. If you received our newsletter from about two weeks ago, you’ll know Michael and I were given the opportunity to go on outreach to the most southern state of Mexico, Chiapas, where Christians are persecuted, and many believers are illiterate. Michael and I really wrestled with our decision as to whether we were called to go to Chiapas; when we first heard about the opportunity to go, our hearts were immediately captured with the possibility. When we prayed about it, however, we just didn’t have peace, and didn’t feel that we were getting a clear “yes” from the Lord. We’ve decided to not go to Chiapas, as we feel that if God wanted us to go, it would be clear. This means that we’ll be staying on the Baja peninsula, teaching largely in the Tijuana area. There is a possibility of spending a few days teaching in Ensenada, a city a little over an hour south of where we are now, but as far as we know, for the most part we’ll be involved with local ministry. We’re a little sad that we won’t be going to Chiapas, but we’re trusting God has a reason for not giving us peace about going, and we believe He has great opportunities for us here.

Michael has already had the opportunity to give his first “outreach” teaching – last night he taught on hearing God’s voice for EN VIA. EN VIA is an evening discipleship program for people in the community, who cannot afford to do DTS, and who work during the day. In a typical DTS, students would focus on the topic of hearing God’s voice for a whole week, but Michael had only 2.5 hours to teach, and was being translated. At the end of class, Michael gave the students time to ask God for words for each other – to practice hearing God’s voice, asking Him what He wanted to say to their fellow classmates. It was an incredible time, and the Holy Spirit was really moving, as the students hugged and cried as they shared what God was saying to them. These students work all day, have families to care for and commitments to keep, but they come three times a week to the YWAM campus from 6:30pm to 9pm, because they are hungry to know God more, and to grow in Him. It was really a humbling privilege for Michael to teach this eager group of students.

Please be praying for us as we continue to teach over the next two months. We don’t have a teaching schedule yet, so please pray we will be preparing the right things so we’re ready when opportunities come up. There are plenty of teaching opportunities here, but we’re still in the dark about a lot of the details, which makes preparation challenging. We want to use the time we have to study effectively, but rely on the Holy Spirit – we’re often told to “prepare as though 100% depended on you, and pray as though 100% relies on God!”

We so value your prayers and support; we couldn’t be here without your partnership with us as we study and teach “…for the sake of the faith of God’s elect and their knowledge of the truth, which accords with godliness” (Titus 1:1).


Staff & Participants of Titus Mexico 2014

Learning how to teach the steps of the Plan of Redemption to oral communicators.

Learning how to teach the steps of the Plan of Redemption to oral communicators.

Michael teaching EN VIA students about hearing God's voice.

Michael teaching EN VIA students about hearing God’s voice.


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