Tacos and Titus in Tijuana

We’ve been in Mexico for four days now, and we’re starting to feel more settled in. The first day was pretty overwhelming; the campus is beautiful, and the staff are incredibly friendly, but with feeling tired from travel and going through two border crossings in one day, we were pretty happy to go to bed on Wednesday night and hope that things would feel a little less overwhelming in the morning…and they did.

The last few days have been a time of settling in, getting to know the base, DTS and CSBS (Chronological School of Biblical Studies) students, and some of the staff here. So far we’ve been to the beach twice, have eaten fish tacos, and went to an incredibly cheap movie – tough life, huh?! We start classes on Monday, and we’re looking forward to meeting the rest of the Titus participants then, the majority of whom are long-term staff with YWAM San Diego Baja. Monday is when the hard work will start! Titus begins with three weeks of training, and that training time is intense. Prior to getting here we prepped for Titus by reading Seven Laws of the Learner by Bruce Wilkinson, and over the last few days (in between going to the beach and eating tacos), we’ve been reading How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart.

Though we’ve been here for less than a week, we’ve already been so impressed by how this base has an incredible heart for local outreach. There are several local ministries operating out of this base – Homes of Hope, which invites businesses and families from around the world to take part in two day “builds” where a house is constructed in two days for a family in need; ministries reaching out to the red light district of Tijuana; a DTS that is run for locals in the evenings so people in this area can be discipled; prison ministries; and many more. Next weekend Michael and I get to be involved with a Homes of Hope build, as Titus Project participants will be hosting a team as they build a house. As we see the incredible heart this base has for local outreach, I  (Helen) have been thinking about local outreach in Turner Valley, and how we can serve our community. The physical needs might be different, but the ultimate need is the same – the need for Christ.

We don’t have all the details as to what our outreach will look like, but we have learned that outreach will be right here in the Tijuana area. Because this base has so many local ministry connections, we’ll have opportunities to teach in lots of different areas, to many different people. We’ve also learned that we’ll be staying at the San Diego Baja base (where we are now) for the entire three months, which is a bit unusual for Titus! Typically, Titus teams are in one location for three weeks, and then go overseas, so for us to be staying put for three months was not on our radar, even though we knew we’d be staying in Mexico for outreach. Though this was a bit of a surprise, we’re excited to be in one place for three months, as it means we can get to know DTS and CSBS students a bit better. Three weeks isn’t a lot of time to connect with other students, but three months will give us the opportunity to learn more than just a few names and faces.

As we get started with classes on Monday, we’d love if you’d be praying for us! Here are a few ways you can pray:

  1. Pray that we would settle in to life here at YWAM San Diego Baja, and that as classes start and we get to know other Titus participants, we’d be able to build friendships and learn from the people around us.
  2. Pray that we would get the most out of our three week training time! We’ll be doing more reading, will have several practice teachings, and will have lots to do over these three weeks, and we want to soak it all in so we’re equipped for outreach.
  3. Pray that as we prepare for outreach, God would give us a heart for the people we will be serving and teaching.
  4. We’re still unsure about outreach costs; pray that we have what we need, or that what we need will come in as necessary.
  5. Pray that we would be hearing God as to what other local outreach opportunities God has for us in this place, beyond teaching. We want to be available to plug into other ministries as God leads.
  6. Pray we’ll learn some Spanish quickly! Most people on the base speak English, but it would be really helpful to know some basic Spanish phrases when we have the opportunity to speak to people in the community. We’ll be teaching through a translator, but for communicating on a day to day basis, some Spanish language skills would be an asset.
  7. Pray that we would be intentional about seeking and trusting in God throughout this three months in Mexico. I’m daily realizing that investing into outreach here and doing the Titus Project is not something I can do in my own strength, and I don’t want to do it in my own strength. This time will be much more powerful and effective if we allow God to work through us in every moment.

Thank you for praying! As Titus begins and we get into a routine here, we will keep you updated as to what we’re doing and how you can be praying for us!


Dorms at YWAM San Diego Baja.


Ocean views.



Dinner and entertainment for Homes of Hope team.


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