Generous God

I (Michael) once told God I couldn’t do the type of financial situation coming into Youth With a Mission would demand of us. For those who might not know, Helen and I do not receive any kind of income from our work with YWAM. We are volunteers supported by the generous givings of those who partner with us financially. God in His infinite wisdom took my lack of faith on as a challenge, and has brought Helen and I through an incredible journey of growth in the area of trusting Him for our financial needs. We have seen our monthly support grow to a level we never imagined it reaching. We have seen support come from people we would have never expected, and at times had only just met. Last summer, God challenged us to trust Him to provide over $7000 for us to go on outreach to Thailand and Nepal, and He actually over-provided in such a way that the money left over helped other members of our outreach team. This provision left us with the faith to trust God’s call for us to pursue bringing Titus Project to YWAM Turner Valley, a change in our ministry that would see us going overseas every year.

Earlier this year, the staff of YWAM Turner Valley were challenged to read George Müller’s autobiography. His willingness to run the ministries he did without fundraising or even advertising his needs led Helen and I to seek God about how to approach the funds needed for our time participating in the Titus Project in Tijuana this Fall. We felt God wanted us to trust in a similar way and not pursue any big fundraising, or even advertise our needs in the same fashion as we did last summer. At first glance, this can seem like Helen and I are just being lazy, but actually I think I’ve spent more energy trusting God this summer than I did last summer. God has been faithful to provide as we were faithful to walk forward in pursuing Titus. Actually, our whole journey around the needs for this trip has been one of trust. With Tijuana being a new location for Titus Project, costs have been unclear and we have thought at times that we would need up to $10,000 for this Fall (including a trip to Ontario to connect with family, friends, and supporters). As the details have come more fully into view, it seems that our time with Titus will be less expensive than we dared hope (though if I’m honest, I am still unsure how much it is all going to cost, but Helen has a rough idea which is all that matters). Additionally, we have received funds from places we would have never thought we would. It started with our Leadership Team deciding to put financial support behind their words of affirmation around us bringing Titus to Turner Valley. We started to receive other gifts, but I started to doubt we would have enough money in time to book multiple flights we needed, without having to pay ridiculous prices. After my deadline had past, God met His own deadline in the form of a large donation from a faithful supporter and friend. This allowed us to look for flights and amazingly, find a flight to Ontario that was cheaper than any Helen and I have ever booked in our six years of marriage. I was completely blown away and in my own way, understood the gratitude Müller continuously expressed in his autobiography. Since then, we have received support from our local church and its members. We’ve only been part of this church for two years, but in total, they have contributed several thousand dollars towards our work this Fall. I do not tell you that to brag about the church, but to boast in the Spirit of God who inspired each person to give.

When Helen and I began working with YWAM we decided we would go and do whatever God asked, but never by going into debt. I was more than willing to go somewhere not knowing how we would take care of ourselves once there, but I wasn’t going to put the flight on a credit card. Personally, I just did not see God encouraging that in Scripture. Faithful God has allowed us to live up to that standard, and even though we do not have all the funds we need to completely pay for our time in Mexico, we have enough to get there and see what God does to finish providing. I am nervous about this reality if I am honest, but I am also excited to see what God is going to do after all He has done to get us this far.

I hope reading this will encourage you in the way that reading about George Müller built my faith earlier this year. I will say by way of final encouragement that while God’s call for you to trust Him may not look the same as the way we are trusting Him at this time in our lives, God who is providing for us is the same generous Father who cares for you and longs for you to trust him.


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