Lasts…for now.

As Michael and I have been finishing up our final week at YWAM Turner Valley before we move into a new season with participating in the Titus Project, we’ve had a lot of “lasts.” Now, they’re not final “lasts,” because in December we’ll be back here again, but all the same, it is a bit sad and exciting all at the same time. This week we had our last staff meeting. Our last community chore. Our last dinner in the home of good friends. Tonight I cooked my last supper. Tomorrow morning Michael and I will make our last Saturday breakfast for staff and students.

These lasts are a little bit sad because I genuinely love being here at YWAM Turner Valley. I’ve loved being in the kitchen throughout the summer, and we love the people here. Of course, being a little sad is better than the alternative – it’s a good sign that we’ll miss this place, these people, and these aspects of our ministry! But along with that sadness there is excitement, as we’ll be moving into a season of “firsts.” First time being involved in something together as learners. First time teaching the Bible in Mexico. First time participating in all sorts of ministries.

So as we check all of these lasts off our lists in these next few days at YWAM TV, I’m glad they’re only lasts for now, and I look forward to all the firsts God has in our future.


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