In a Month…

In a month, Helen and I will be in Mexico.

That statement makes me realize that there is a lot we need to do in the next four weeks. This includes reading books, packing bags, traveling to Ontario to visit family and friends, getting travel insurance, and many other things I am sure Helen is totally aware of and will ask me to do as she thinks through the details I often forget. For me, adventures like the Titus Project in Mexico, don’t often feel real until I am in the airport, but in this case, I can already feel my excitement growing for our upcoming season of growth and ministry. The reason it’s all coming into focus for me may be because my role here at YWAM Turner Valley right now is so day-to-day and unclear. Since SBS ended, I basically do whatever needs to be done around the campus. Helen, on the other hand, is constantly busy, taking care of our food services like a champ. She is busy planning the menu for the campus while we are away, when there will be no kitchen coordinator. With only two weeks of work left here in Turner Valley before heading out to Ontario, I am starting to think about all that I need to stay on top of for us to be ready.

Our next four weeks will see us hammering out the details of what needs to happen so we will be fully prepared in Mexico. In the midst of that is two weeks in Ontario, where we are looking forward to seeing my family and connecting with friends and supporters. The sad part of this trip is realizing that two weeks will not likely be enough time to see everyone we would want to, but if you do want to get together with Helen and I while out there, email me at

Please be praying for us in these final weeks. We are still uncertain of the total cost of the Titus Project, but God knows how much it will be, so be praying with us as we wait to see how God is going to provide. Be praying for our preparations, that we cross every “t” and dot every “i.” Be praying for our time in Ontario, that it will be a blessed time of reconnecting. Finally, pray for our time in Mexico; we long to grow as teachers and minister well to the needs of those God brings us to. Thank you for your support.


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