God Stories {Provision for YWAM TV!}

When I (Michael) read George Müller’s autobiography, Müller higlighted that one of the reasons for living a life centered around trusting so intensely in God’s provision, was for the testimony it provided the body of Christ. Now I certainly have not abandoned myself into the hands of God to the extent that Müller did, but recently God has done some amazing things in the area of provision for our campus, and I wanted to share them as a testimony of God’s care for His children, even when it comes to seemingly common things like technology and vehicles and removing the results of a flood.

Earlier this year, I was challenged by our SBS leader to pray for the flat screen television I often spoke of wanting – the flat screen would replace our school’s projector, and would be the best equipment for presenting our keynotes and power points that accompany our lectures. I really did not think at the time that God cared about such things, but within a week we were given a flat screen television (though one with some dead pixels in it). It was not perfect, but it was a start. Then, in a recent budget meeting, it became apparent that there was room in the budget to replace the television with a brand new one. My prayer was answered.

It gets better. I shoveled a lot of snow this winter because we had no other way of removing it. YWAM Turner Valley has a substantial parking lot and a lot of sidewalks. We discussed in the same budget meeting the idea of beginning to save for an ATV to be used by maintenance, and for snow removal in the winter. Less than a week later, someone donated a $5000 ATV without even knowing we were considering pursuing one.

One more. A good section of our property is on the flood plain of a river; last year, you may remember that this river flooded, doing a great deal of damage in High River, Bragg Creek, Canmore, and Calgary. We were very fortunate that none of our buildings were affected, but the portion of our property on the flood plain ended up with 15 foot high piles of trees – debris from upstream. We had small and long term plans to work on removing them ourselves. We talked again in our budget meeting about the long future of removing the trees. Then, within a week, we heard that the town had been given grant money from higher levels of government, to take care of areas that presented risks of infrastructure damage if the river flooded again. Our piles of trees seemed a source of potential future damage, and just like that, the town was offering to clean up our flood mess.

I share these stories because I am in awe of God, and feel like if we are going to have a blog that connects us to the body of Christ elsewhere, I need to share this, whether it builds your faith or not. I give God all the undeniable glory and praise for each one of these stories of provision. I am so glad God has called Helen and I into this crazy world of living by faith, and hope that where God is calling you to live by faith, you will step out and trust him.


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