The Hosea Love Story (But Not That Kind of Love Story)

I (Helen) came across a beautifully made video series, called The Hosea Love Story, put together by Irving Bible Church in Texas. No, it doesn’t make Hosea and Gomer’s story into a fairytale romance; it portrays God’s faithful heart for His unfaithful people – the main idea of the book of Hosea. While at first the series seems Hosea and Gomer-ish, as you progress through the videos, you’ll see that more is going on here than what is covered in Hosea 1-3; this is the big picture of God’s heart for His people, and the restoration He offers to those who turn to Him.

I’ve attached the first video of the six-part series below; to watch the remaining five videos (they are each under four minutes), look for youtube’s link to the next part as each video comes to an end.


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