Last Week of Donation-Matching for Fistula Repair Fundraiser!

When I was little and I had to go to the doctor for a blood test or some other procedure I wasn’t looking forward to, my mum often would say, “Just think how lucky you are, and how many people in the world don’t get the same type of treatment.” I have to admit that at the time, I wrote it off; I’ve never been very good with needles, and to this day I can’t go to a blood test alone, as I am likely to pass out. But my mum was right. In the West, I have access to health care that others in less-developed nations wouldn’t even dream of. This is especially true because I am a woman. In other parts of the world, women are valued less than they are in my nation, and because of this, girls aren’t likely to receive the same medical attention as boys, and women spend days in obstructed labor because there are so few trained in labor and delivery.

For some of these women, obstructed labor is only the beginning of their suffering. Many lose their babies, and many are afflicted with fistula. After days of labor, maternal tissues die, leaving a hole (or a fistula) in the tissues, causing the woman to leak urine and feces uncontrollably. Many women who suffer from fistula are rejected by their husbands, families, and communities because of the smell that results from incontinence. These women are ostracized and in some cases, left for dead. Fistula is virtually unknown in developed nations because of the medical attention women receive throughout their pregnancies and childbirth.

Thankfully, there is hope for women with fistula. Surgery can repair fistula, giving a sufferer back her dignity, and acceptance in society. Christian Blind Mission is one organization that facilitates fistula repair surgeries. It costs only $400 for a woman to receive this surgery, and for her life to be changed. Until April 1st, YWAM Turner Valley is matching the funds I raise for fistula-repair surgery. These funds will be sent to Christian Blind Mission. So far, we have raised $450, and with the matching donation, that means $900 will be sent to Christian Blind Mission for this project! I would love to see $1200 come in so that three women can receive this surgery. Here’s how you can give:

  1. Give via credit card online. Go to and click on the “donate” button half way down the page. You will be directed to a page that says YES! I want to bring God’s healing to stop the suffering for women with fistula! If you do not arrive at this page, your gift will not go directly to fistula. The direct link for the specific fistula donation page is here.
  2. Write a check out to Christian Blind Mission, and in the memo line, write “for fistula surgery.”
  3. Phone Christian Blind Mission at 1-800-567-2264, and give via credit card. Specify that the gift is for fistula surgery.

If you give, please let me know, so that YWAM Turner Valley can match your donation. Ask God how He wants you to give – I am doing the same.


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