Happy International Women’s Day!

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Equality for Women is Progress for All.” Over the last month, we’ve highlighted a few different ways you can pray for such equality, and how you can make a difference. Check out our posts, pray, and act!

Why not celebrate International Women’s Day by helping to transform the life of a woman in the developing world? 100,000 women suffer from fistula each year, and it costs only $400 for a woman to receive a fistula repair surgery. Women who suffer from fistula are social-outcasts, rejected by their families, friends, and communities. Fistula-repair gives a woman her life back.

So far, we’ve raised $450 for fistula surgery, and YWAM Turner Valley has committed to matching the funds raised, meaning we’re already up to $900! This means that two women will receive life-changing surgery. We’re giving these funds through Christian Blind Mission, an organization that works with hospitals in Africa to begin the physical and emotional healing fistula-sufferers so desperately need. Any gift you make, before the deadline of April 1st, will be matched by YWAM Turner Valley. How many women’s lives can we change?

To contribute to this fundraiser, you can give online or send a check to Christian Blind Mission, specifying that your gift is for fistula surgery. Please contact Helen to let her know that you have given, so she can report the funds raised to YWAM Turner Valley, who will match your donation.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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