Finding God in Those Around Me

There is a certain buzz of life that comes with the arrival of a fresh group of students – especially when the majority are in their early twenties. It’s been good for my soul. Sometimes living here on the campus of YWAM Turner Valley, I forget that I am an extrovert. Because I’m married to someone who lives in her head (Helen is an introvert) and because many of the people around me are also introverted, I can quickly begin to think that that is where I find life too. Well, the start of a new school year and the arrival of so many new people to get to know has awoken the extrovert in me. Though my extrovertedness is a little rusty at the moment, and though I often find myself retreating into one of the three books I am trying to read before they are due back at the library, I am just so amazed at the people God has brought together for the next nine months to study His word. I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation at the first signs of Spring – I find myself enjoying the tension of spending time getting to know our students and studying for my quickly approaching lecture on the book of Psalms.

As someone who teaches people how to access God through the Bible, it’s funny that I find myself most often seeing God expressed in other people, though just like me, they are broken sinners. We all carry the image of God, but that image has been marred by sin. Jesus is redeeming that image through His work on the cross and the sanctifying working of the Spirit. My point is that even though we often don’t represent Jesus well, my belief in God is bolstered as I see Him in others. At times God is more clearly expressed to me through others than He is through the Bible. Of course, the great joy of what Helen and I do here in Turner Valley is that we get to experience God in both ways very intensely. I am glad that I get to study the Psalms and discover God in the way the psalmists speak to Him. I am equally blessed, however, to get to experience God through those I work with, and through our students, even when that experience is a little messy.

As I try to come to a conclusion as to why I am sharing this, I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe my hope is to give you a little insight into my heart as we enter a new season of ministry here in Turner Valley. Maybe I hope you too may be blessed with the double joy of discovering God in the Bible and in those around you. Ultimately it was what was on my heart as I stood (yes, trying a standing desk experiment) at my computer to type this post. I hope in some small way these thoughts have blessed you.


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