Get On the Pumpkin Band-Wagon

At this time of year, the internet abounds with pumpkiny recipes, coffee shops offer pumpkin flavoured drinks and baked goods, and it seems like we just can’t get our fill of the cinnamon and nutmeg scents that come along with this seasonal treat.

So why offer pumpkin options if there are so many out there already? Well, pumpkin loaves and lattes are typically not allergy-friendly, leaving your gluten-free and dairy-free friends wishing they could experience the phenomenon that is Fall pumpkin-mania in North America. This is where Elizabeth Gordon’s fantastic book, Allergy-Free Desserts comes in. I recently borrowed this book from the library, and I plan to perpetually renew it, along with Gordon’s other recipe books. I can’t recommend them enough for allergy-free cooking and baking.

Allergy-free baking is a pain in the neck, but not so with Allergy Free Desserts. Gordon includes a recipe for her own gluten-free flour mix (a mixture of garbanzo flour, potato starch, and tapioca flour), and once you have this mix on hand (along with some xanthan or guar gum), gluten free baking is made easy. Gordon’s recipes are gluten, dairy, and egg free, making it easy to cook for anyone who has an allergy (or multiple allergies). Everything I have tried from Gordon’s books has turned out beautifully, and the pumpkin bread pictured above is no exception. I felt like I was eating a real treat, not flavoured cardboard!

Because I don’t have the permission of the publisher, I don’t want to copy Gordon’s recipe here, but I will fill you in on a little secret: add dairy-free chocolate chips. The recipe gives the option of raisins, but chocolate chips seal the deal here. I got the idea from this recipe (which I made for non-allergy folks), which incorporates both chocolate chips and a sprinkling of brown sugar on top of the pumpkin loaf to make a delicious crunchy crust that is easily replicated on a gluten-free loaf.

Want another pumpkiny idea for your allergic friends? Try this recipe from the inspiring life-style blog, A Beautiful Mess. I have yet to make it, but it is a dairy-free version of pumpkin spice latte syrup! Unfortunately, many pumpkin spice latte syrups contain copious amounts of dairy, but use A Beautiful Mess’ allergy-free PSL syrup recipe with some almond, rice, or soy-milk, and you’ve got a dairy free treat!

Happy pumpkin eating, allergies or no allergies!


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