SBS 2013/2014 Has Begun!

We’ve kind of sucked at blogging lately, and here’s the reason why:

We’ve started a new School of Biblical Studies!

Our days are jam-packed with morning and evening lectures, Helen is busy studying for lecturing next week, and we’ve been getting to know our new students. They are a fantastic group and are having so much fun together already. They seem to be enjoying learning the inductive method of Bible study, and are quickly appreciating the way that the text really comes alive through understanding what it means to interpret the text from the viewpoint of the original reader.

As we come to the end of the first week of the school, you can pray for us in a few ways:

  1. Pray for our students as they get to know the method. It’s overwhelming to learn all the steps involved, but we’re confident that they will have it down pat in no time. Pray that the Lord would be encouraging them in the midst of all the new things they’re learning.
  2. Pray for Helen as she teaches Titus next week. She’ll be teaching five mornings and three evenings, and will be introducing several elements of the inductive method. This is a bit intimidating to say the least! Pray that God would be guiding her as she studies and teaches.
  3. Pray that we’d have lots of opportunities to build relationships with our students. They’re a great group and we really appreciate them already! We’re looking forward to getting to know them more.

Thank you for praying! We are so blessed to be a part of this school’s journey through the Scriptures.


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