Celebrating Five Years of Togetherness

As Michael and I celebrate our fifth anniversary, I find this quote from Edith Schaeffer’s The Tapestry a wonderful reminder about the significance of marriage vows:

“There is also the making of one’s vows loud and clear, specific and definite before God, and before God’s people. ‘Till death do us part’ is a big and important promise; ‘for better or for worse’ is a fantastically realistic promise. A lot of time is being vowed, and a lot of situations are being suggested. This is a set of promises for imperfect people to make to imperfect people in an abnormal world where everything has been spoiled since the Fall! ‘For richer or for poorer’ is a reminder of Paul’s declaration that he is able to be abased or to abound. This is what we are meant to vow to the Lord as our willingness in serving Him; we will serve Him no matter what – in palaces or in huts, in distressing situations and in beautiful ones, which if He gives we need not be ashamed. So in our marriage declarations we need not whisper but speak so that people can hear us say that we are stepping into a ‘togetherness,’ facing an unknown future which neither one can know about ahead of time” (The Tapestry, by Edith Schaeffer, pg  179).

Michael, thank you for stepping into togetherness with me, and standing with me through everything the last five years has brought us – both beautiful moments and distressing situations. We are certainly imperfect people, but through Christ’s grace and strength, we are growing together in Him each day. I am so blessed to be your wife.


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