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Recently, I recommended an album to those of you who follow this humble blog. That album is called “The Weight of Glory” by Heath McNease, an album based on the writings of C.S. Lewis. Last week Heath, who is both a singer/songwriter and a great MC, released a hip-hop remix of the original album. The following is Heath’s thoughts on the release of this new EP:

I knew when I was writing the first “Weight of Glory” record that I was onto something. I didn’t know if I was onto something that other people would care about, but I knew I was sharing parts of myself that I never had. I knew I was attempting to paying homage to a writer that has blessed me and millions of others in ways we can’t adequately describe. And I knew I was taking quantum leaps in my spiritual walk. The latter being the most important. But I had no idea that the record would resonate with so many people in the way that it has. The emails, letters, personal encounters/testimonies at shows, tweets, phone calls, and well wishes were overwhelming. People who were dealing with the loss of loved ones told me how “A Grief Observed” helped them make peace with their loss. People with close knit families told me how much “The 4 Loves” spoke to them. Others just wanted to tell me that the sentiment behind the lyrics in “The Weight of Glory” perfectly summed up how they feel at their most connected with God. Humbled. Always humbled.

I knew right when the album came out that I wanted to do a hip hop version of this record. I wanted to take the ideas that connected people so strongly to the first record and find a way to unite them with my love for rap. This record is my most spiritually significant rap record. The lyrics are absolutely from my gut from start to finish. I really made a conscious effort to not attempt to “style out” on this. I just wanted to humbly communicate what God placed on my heart in the first record.

I really cannot recommend this album enough. While you’re listening to this album, I would encourage you to use your best headphones, and really engage the words McNease has so poetically woven together. I think C.S. Lewis would greatly appreciate his thoughts, and the way he has found a new medium to bless people through. Enjoy.

Download the album at:

To read the rest of Heath’s blog post on this album:


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