Pieces of April {Not the Movie}


Top Row, L to R:

  1. Helen visited Edmonton at the beginning of April, and got to spend time with her niece, McKenna, who is 5 months old today!
  2. Helen also got to visit her friend Heather, and Heather’s six-day old daughter, Romy.
  3. Michael taught the Book of Job.

Middle Row, L to R:

  1. Our base celebrated a “Love Feast” with great food and fellowship. (If you don’t know what a “Love Feast” is, check out the background of this ancient Christian celebration). Photo by Jon Monkman.
  2. SBS students Bryant and Jenn enjoying the festivities. Photo by Jon Monkman.
  3. Michael made a short trip home to Ontario this month to be with his family after the passing of his grandmother. This gave him the opportunity to hang out with his sister, Maelyn. (He’s a great big brother – he took her grad dress shopping!)

Bottom Row, L to R:

  1. The day after Michael got back, we had a “Nehemiah Project Work Day,” clearing brush on our property; Helen was in charge of the snacks. Pictured here: Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  2. Michael got to use a chain saw on our Work Day!
  3. Helen’s getting ready to teach Jonah and Nahum at the beginning of May (May 2nd and 3rd). Prayers are greatly appreciated.

April has flown by unbelievably quickly! Our students have less than two months left of SBS! Did your April fly by? Are you looking forward to May? We’re praying for sun, and more importantly, NO MORE SNOW!


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