In-Between Coffee Cake {A Recipe for Spring}

Spring has been teasing us for the last month or so. One day is bright and sunshiney, the next is snowy and miserable. As we long for summer and warmth, these in-between-days not only make us grumble as we pull out the rubber boots, the snow shovel, or the sandals (depending on the day!), they affect what we want to eat. Just like we’re in-between seasons of winter and summer, we’re in-between hearty soups and light salads, potatoes and watermelon, hot chocolate and lemonade. If you find yourself in this place, this might be the recipe for you.

I made this Plum Coffee Cake with Brown Sugar Cardamom Streusel last week. I made it the evening before serving it, and as I baked, the snow was falling as though it was Christmas. In the morning as I photographed the cake, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. I know plums aren’t in season – I had the good fortune to find some quartered plums in the freezer – but I imagine that you can replace the fruit with whatever you have on hand. Peaches would be delicious, and even spring rhubarb and strawberries could be a good substitute. I highly recommend making the cake the day you serve, but be warned; it is a bit on the time-consuming side, so afford more time than you think you need. I made this cake a year and a half ago for a dinner party, serving it the same day as I baked it, and the taste and texture was even better than the cake I made last week. I recommend this cake for spring, as the denser crumb brings all the comfort of winter, while the summer fruit reminds you that one day, the snow will melt and the sun will shine and you can put away your winter boots for good.

Find the recipe (it’s copyrighted) at: Photo above is my own.


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