Saturday Song Selection: The Oh Hello’s

I (Michael) am definitely an auditory learner, and music has always played a big role in my life. This has made Noisetrade one of my favorite sites to visit and get free music. Most of the time the songs I download are good, but nothing so great that I would want to share it online. This week, however, I found something I really just had to share. The band is called “The Oh Hello’s;” they are a brother and sister combo out of Texas, and their first album, “Through the Deep, Dark Valley” is fantastic; you really can only do it justice by listening to it all the way through. As a concept album it does a great job of touching on many great theological truths of the Christian faith through beautiful imagery. Below is my favorite song on the album, which I also heard this week in a Rome Snowboards video I downloaded. Clearly, this a band that will not stay unknown for long.

Head on over to Noisetrade and get this album, then give yourself the time to listen to it all the way through. Enjoy.


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