Our Christmas in Pictures

Helen’s sister, Jill, and her daughter (our niece!) McKenna.

Jill opening McKenna’s Christmas present, a quilt made by Auntie Helen.

Miss McKenna on her new quilt!

Helen got the chance to bake over the break with her friend Heather, a cake-baking connoisseur.

Heather shows off our “Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake!”

We had a cute, if not totally effective, dishwasher on hand – congratulations on your blogosphere debut, Luke!

Ticket to Ride – Heather was the reigning champion.

Snowshoeing with the Boonstras in Elk Island National Park.

What an amazing way to experience God’s creation!

Munchkin with the Boonstras on New Year’s Eve.

Thank you to everyone who made our Christmas so amazing! Thanks to the Roberts, Langdales and Boonstras for blessing us by extending your homes to us, and to the Rachars, Speedy Spiers, and deJongs for their hospitality and kindness in various ways.

Happy 2013 to all!


2 thoughts on “Our Christmas in Pictures

  1. We always have such a good time with you guys and are inspired to read our bibles more! Thanks for being great company! Love ya lots

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