Zechariah, Esther, Haggai & Malachi

The last two weeks have been extremely busy; we’ve had to move from one dorm to another because the staff dorm is going to be renovated this summer (Michael did most of the moving!), I (Helen) had to write a final paper that summarized the redemption story of the Bible in 5-10 pages, studied through the book of Matthew, and just had my final test…which means I am done with SBS! I can not even begin to describe how much work SBS has been, but even more than that, how much God has been teaching me through His Word. I am a few posts behind, so bear with me as I catch you up on the last few books of the Old Testament that I have yet to cover, before I can really write a great deal about what God has been revealing to me over these past few weeks.

If you’re reading the Bible along with me, you may have noticed I have not covered Psalms or Proverbs. This is because we had an alternate assignment for these books, covering them over several weeks. Proverbs takes less than two hours to read through, but I would recommend reading Psalms over a longer period of time, perhaps a few psalms each day for a month. The next book I will cover, however is Matthew; it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to read through this book. Why did we study Matthew last? It quotes the Old Testament more than any other Gospel, and if you have read the OT, you will really be able to see the way in which Jesus fulfills each and every one of the prophecies about the Messiah through this book.


Main Idea: The Lord will establish His rule over all the earth.

Reason Written: Zechariah encourages the readers to renew themselves spiritually so they will be ready to worship God.

Timeless Truth: God promises total restoration (Zechariah 14).


Main Idea: God raises up Esther, through whom He rescues His people from the plot of Haman.

Reason Written: Shows how God rescues His people and explains why Purim is celebrated by the Jews.

Timeless Truth: God works through the every day events of life (Esther 9:23-26).


Main Idea: Haggai encourages the remnant to return to building the temple, predicting that it will one day be of greater glory than the former house of the Lord.

Reason Written: Written to encourage the remnant that the glory of the Lord will come again.

Timeless Truth: God’s people are called to consider their ways, reflecting on whether their ways are in alignment with the Lord’s ways (Haggai 1:5,7; 2:15,18).


Main Idea: The remnant are called to repentance; if they return to God, God will return to them, and will bring them covenant blessings once more.

Reason Written: Written to show that the result of sinning against the Lord is His covenant curses, and to promise that the messenger of a new covenant is coming.

Timeless Truth: Even when the wicked seem to prosper, it is important to follow and fear the Lord (Malachi 3:14-4:3).


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