Isaiah, Micah, Habakkuk, & Obadiah

I feel like God spoke a lot to me through the book of Isaiah, so I found it difficult to boil the book down to one timeless truth to write about! The overwhelming message I kept thinking about, however, is how badly each and every single person needs Jesus – we all need a Savior. I’ve been thinking about an analogy of this message: if a person is dehydrated and is moments away from death, and another person gives them a glass of water, but the dehydrated person refuses to drink it, whose fault is it that that person died? Is it the person who gave the glass of water, or is it the person who refused the glass of water? Clearly, we would blame the person who refused the glass of water – their death would be their own fault. This is a simply analogy, but if we think of it in terms of the way in which God has offered us a Savior – Jesus – it sheds some light on our desperation, and the foolishness of rejecting that which God offers us – salvation. God offers us Jesus (the glass of water), and if we reject Him, we alone are at fault for the repercussions of rejecting Him. We are all in desperate need of a Savior, and God has offered us this Savior in Jesus Christ. If we don’t accept Him, however, we will receive the punishment He bore for us – death, and eternity without God.

While it may seem preferable to present a “politically correct” message that suggests all roads lead to God and salvation, this simply isn’t the case – there is only one way to the Father, and His name is Jesus. The New Testament tells us over and over that Jesus is God, and He is the fulfillment of the Savior that the Father promised, but reading the Old Testament makes me realize how desperate each and every single person is (whether we know it or not) for Jesus. If you’ve been on this Bible-reading journey with me, you should be really familiar with the rebellious nature of Israel (God’s people) – God gave them everything – a land, a people, a relationship with Himself – and they rejected Him. Now God has given us Himself – Jesus – who died for us so the cost of that rebelliousness is paid for. Will you accept the One who poured out His life for you, the One you desperately need, the One who has given you everything, and will give you everything eternally, if you only follow Him?

Our next post will be a summary of Michael’s teaching on Zephaniah – his last teaching for the year, and his last teaching in SBS Montana, as we’ll be moving on to staff SBS at YWAM Turner Valley next year! Zephaniah takes less than fifteen minutes to read.


Main Idea: Israel and Judah are wicked and are to be judged for sin, but a Savior is coming who will redeem all who turn to Him.

Reason Written: Written to show the depravity of the nations and the need for a Savior.

Timeless Truth: All people are in desperate need of a Savior (Isaiah 53:3-11). Those who accept Him will be saved, and those who reject Him will be rejected (Isaiah 65:1-16).


Main Idea: Micah warns Judah that if they continue to walk in the injustice which Israel walked in, they will be exiled.

Reason Written: Written to show that God desires His people to walk in justice, kindness and humility.

Timeless Truth: God does not tolerate corruption (Micah 1:5-7; 2:1-5; 3:1-4,9-12; 6:10-16).


Main Idea: Habakkuk questions why God would use the wicked Chaldeans (Babylonians) to punish Judah.

Reason Written: Written to show God’s control over the nations.

Timeless Truth: God’s people should pray for mercy, rather than judgement, to come against the wicked (Habakkuk 3:2).


Main Idea: Because Edom did not help Judah when they were conquered, they will be punished.

Reason Written: Written to show that God would restore His people, despite the way in which they have been treated by other nations.

Timeless Truth: None should take delight in the harm done to another (Obadiah 1:12-13).


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