Joshua, Judges, & Ruth

Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. It’s been an intense couple of weeks! For Joshua, we had the amazing privilege of having archaeologist Col. Dr. David Hansen speaking to our school, not only about Joshua, but about the ways in which archaeological findings over the last century support the historical integrity of the Bible. It has been so amazing to hear about the way in which God is revealing the Truth of His Word through the findings of archaeologists. The Bible is not a “story book” – it is filled with real people, real events, and a REAL GOD who is the author of our salvation, and archaeological findings are pointing to the truth of this more and more every year!

After Joshua, we studied Judges and Ruth. If you’ve never read Judges, let me sum it up for you: without God, humanity is totally lost! Over and over, the people of God stray from the Lord to other “gods;” God allows them to be sold into the hand of their enemies, they cry out to God for help, and God rescues them, only for them to turn away from Him all over again. Needless to say, this is not a cheerful book! Ruth, on the other hand, felt like a ray of sunshine after the darkness of Judges! Ruth is such a beautiful book about sacrificial love. Many look at it as a romantic story, but I would suggest that this book is about a much greater love than this. The sacrificial love of Boaz in this story is a “type” for Christ’s sacrificial love for us; if you’ve never read it, I really suggest you take a look. It’s only four chapters long, and it is a foreshadowing of Christ’s love in the midst of a dark time in Israel’s history.

The next couple of books are 1 & 2 Samuel. We’re studying these books as one book, because they basically tell the story of the beginning of the monarchy, and the way in which David is God’s chosen king. Together, these books take about four hours to read.


Main Idea: God’s people conquer and divide the Promised Land.

Reason Written: Written to show God’s people how God fulfilled the promise of land.

Timeless Truth: God shows who He is through what He does (Joshua 2:10-11).


Main Idea: Israel does what is right in their own eyes and worships other gods; when they cry out to God because of their oppression, God raises up judges to bring the people back to Himself.

Reason Written: Written to show what happens when the people of God do not worship Him and turn to other gods.

Timeless Truth: Without God, there is no good in mankind (Judges 19:12,22-26).


Main Idea: Boaz becomes kinsman-redeemer for Ruth, allowing this Moabite woman to become the great-grandmother of King David.

Reason Written: Written to validate David as king and to show the way in which Gentiles could be included in the people of God.

Timeless Truth: God’s people are called to sacrificial love (Ruth 4:5-10).


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