Genesis & Exodus

If you have never read Genesis and Exodus, I would highly recommend that you read these books; I would say that Exodus in particular is the foundation of the Old Testament, and if you read and understand Exodus, even the New Testament will become more alive to you. Before Christ, the Passover – God’s wrath passing over His people as He rescues them out of Egypt – was the redemptive event of history. The blood of the lambs killed at Passover by the Hebrews in Egypt was their “salvation,” as God saw this blood and “passed over” His people, instead striking the Egyptians (who did not believe in Him) with His wrath. This should sound familiar to us; in Christ, God sees the blood of His Son when He looks at us, and His wrath passes over us, so that we are not subjected to the judgement we deserve as sinners, but are awarded eternity with Christ!

Our next post will be on Leviticus, and will be a summary of Michael’s thoughts on this book. It takes less than two hours to read, but it is quite repetitive – some may even say “boring.” When you make it through Leviticus, I would highly recommend reading through Hebrews (which takes less than an hour). Hebrews shows the New Testament fulfillment of Leviticus, and it will really help you to make sense of all the laws and commandments God gives His people as they journey towards the Promised Land.


Main Idea: God creates the universe and fulfills His promise to Abraham, making him the father of a people.

Reason Written: Written to explain the origin of creation and God’s people.

Timeless Truth: God is faithful (Genesis 1:1-50:26).


Main Idea: God frees His people from slavery, tells them how to live and worship as a people of God through the promise of the covenant and the giving of the law.

Reason Written: Moses writes to show how the people of God were saved out of Egypt, how they received the law, and how the tabernacle was built.

Timeless Truth: God’s people are called to remember what He has done for them, knowing that He will continue to provide and protect His people (Exodus 12:14-20).


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